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                             Las Vegas Property


                     Now, a Condominium Home from $60,000 and Town Houses in the $ 70,000.   Single Family Homes one & two story costing $125,000 to $?,000,000 plus.. gives you a fantastic choice.   Some Bank owned homes sell cheaper BUT watch the information and let your Agent check it out .

    For more info about the homes just e-mail us  info@mb-ranch.com

The Homes in Las Vegas we feature are as we refer to Real American Homes, neighbourhoods where you may be the only family on vacation.

However, pools and hot tubs are enjoyed in a number of places and those lucky few have Golf to add to the days activities.

When you go to the Strip [Las Vegas Blvd.] the sky is the limit , wheather you gamble or not. It is a part of Vegas where you loose time and all sense of normality as well as your money. There is so much to see three hours is the shortest visit you will make.

Away from the Strip , like Red Rock Canyon, Lake Meade and Hoover Dam can take up a half day. If you decide to go a bit further to Valley of Fire or Mt. Charlston dont plan any shopping, except souvenirs.

While browsing through our web site and thinking about your Home in the Sun, make sure that when the funds are low and the highlife is over you still have things to do... Then this is the place for you.

We wish you well and are here to help. Click here for Las Vegas FACT FILE.

Our home builder in Las Vegas www.warmingtonhomes.com.

The Lake Havasu area of Arizona is a fast growing City with beautiful views and great Water Sports.      Tress Brooks of Brooks Flusche is our contact and adviser.  You may email him tbrooksiii@aol.com  or go to our Links page for more info.

Also on the Links page you have DSR Homes a Developer of a nice community not too far from Phoenix.

The EdenPartnership.net you could say was made in Heavenly sunshine in Florida. The commitment they give to their specialised area and customers is first class, and so are the Properties I have seen.

No Site claiming to help people know more about buying a Home in the Sun can ignore the influential Spanish and Bulgarian markets. So here is a taste of sunny Spain  etc., www.mb-athomeinthesun.com.



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